Destruction – Day Of Reckoning – Review

What’s a realistic expectancy for a band that have survived the stormy seas of thrash metal for the last 30 years?  Ask any ultimate fan of the genre and there’s a good chance their response will provide the exact antithesis to those who only occasionally get involved with the odd record for the hell of it.  I’ll admit to the latter.  But even with accelerated expectations and a rigid desire to hear more experimentation, not many can deny the appeal of a confined yet concentrated bundle of raw-spanking, butt-kicking, bone-crunching thrash.


Destruction are undoubtedly one of the heavyweights of this sort of thing. Rising amongst the Teutonic thrash scene in Germany and carrying a reputation of being one of the ‘big three’ from that area, Destruction have brought to the burner, a flat-fisted record returning to retro roots, charged with blunt, pugnacious aggression.

To clear up my issue with lyrics in this genre (which has been repeated tirelessly to cliche) all I will say about them is that they are basically poor. Right, onto instrumentation!

It may well have been a sizable blow to see drummer Marc Reign leave, but new sticksman Wawrzyniec Dramowicz has done a royal job. Hate Is My Fuel is a vehement force of speedy drumming that sits well with guitar hero Mike Sifringer and founding member and bassist Marcel ‘Schmier’ Schirmer.

The effective palm-muted guitar work that harks back to old-school 80s thrash is something for the fans of yesteryear. It’s all too apparent for most of this record, but that’s not to say that it’s bad. Sorceror Of Black Magic definitely makes an impression alongside Destroyer Or Creator.

Essentially the mark below will be seen in two completely divided ways.  For me, Destruction deserve no more than benefit of the doubt for what is a basic, overly nostalgic album. But for lovers of this type of music, there’s a good chance the sheer fiery rapidity of it will see them through, to not only be satisfied with it, but maybe even love it.


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