Deathstars – Night Electric Night Anniversary Edition – Review

Re-releasing their previous album alongside a second disc of remixes and old demos, Deathstars celebrate their tenth anniversary with this record.  Night Electric Night surfaced as their third album effort at the end of last year to much critical acclaim.


Whilst personally I prefer second album Termination Bliss, the concept of Night Electric Night (as the title suggests) continues Deathstars’ dark themes, but instead focuses on the band’s treatment in dealing with grief and bleakness – by channelling it into a destructive party lifestyle.

Paying a direct homage to their fans, Deathstars allowed three of their tracks to be remixed by three lucky fans.  The Last Ammunition is turned into a dance, electronica tune, and while it’s imperative to realise that most remixes aren’t going to excel the original songs, this remix doesn’t really give us an interesting take on it, feeling lacklustre and empty.

Also, remixes from The Kovenant, Sybreed and Dope Stars Inc are present on the album, but most don’t reinvent songs in a new light.  The rare joy of the bunch is hearing bass player Skinny Disco remix The Fuel Ignites with his new banjo, showcasing some serene picking alongside some subtle touches of pedal steel guitar. The Nightfuture of Century remix of Opium also stands with it as a track to savour in amongst a mammoth list of bland remixes.

The glitter spread ‘deathglam’ that encompassed the third album divided many fans. If you’re still yet to give it a chance, it’s probably best to buy the album without the second disc.



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