Vendetta – Heretic Nation – Review

Okay, let’s get this out the way for the purists – don’t look for anything wildly original or mind shatteringly genius when you listen to Vendetta.


This said, I can now say that I enjoy this album.  When Heretic Nation makes contact with your ears, you can immediately sense who has been an influence on this band.  The likes of Gamma Ray, Helloween and Judas Priest are all strongly apparent.  But who’s going to say that’s a bad thing?

Vendetta haven’t recycled or regurgitated old sounds from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal or other power metal acts.  They may sound similar, but listening to Heretic Nation, I would prefer to say that Vendetta have re-incarnated rather than regurgitated.

Age Of Annihilation has the galloping charisma of early Maiden but features some beautiful guitar and bass work that slows the song into a lovely interlude, before again unleashing into its furious energy.

Finishing the album, Powers That Be is the perfect epic closer.  Standing out at almost seven minutes long, there are plenty of positives to take from the song, plenty enough to leave you with a craving for more of the same.  The vocals have their usual feisty Kai Hansen-esque bite from Edward Box, but some rare vocal harmonies during the song were a true treat.

The album as a production has a wholesome feel to it.  It may not vary in sound, but Vendetta have created a convincing piece with their serious musical talent.  It may fail to try anything too revolutionary, but the overall outcome of the sound is a solid one that will still have many metallers drooling, purely from the fluent consistency and powerful conviction of Heretic Nation.


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