The Wretched End – Ominous – Review

Co-founding legendary Scandinavian black metal band Emperor, Samoth debuts this new project with Cosmo of Mindgrinder on bass and Nils Fjellstrom of Dark Funeral, Aeon and In Battle on drums.


For all members, Ominous is a fresh step away from former projects.  Advertised as a combination of brash death metal with thrash, The Wretched End polish their sound with a seriously thick blackened coating.

This may be Samoth’s biggest affair he’s had with thrash and the album marks a new beginning, spawned from the current hiatus of his other band Zyklon and the disbanding of Emperor three years ago.

From the beginning of the brief INTRO into the raucous Red Forest Alienation the Norwegian project show they can produce a blistering sound with small but pleasant interferences of melodic work on guitar.

Unlike Zyklon, it isn’t uncommon to hear a cluster of shouts in jagged coherence, breaking away from the inclusion of deathgrowls.  Fleshbomb is a violent, bumpy ride but shows complex duelling guitar work and reveals the vocals to be very finely pinched with a more hardcore-esque feel.

After working consistently with some of the best black/death metal bands in the past (Gorgoroth, Satyricon, Burzum etc), it’s hard to believe he’s just 36.  Would Samoth have really opted out now?

If we’re realistic, it’s not an option either we or the man himself would have considered in any circumstance.  The Wretched End show promising signs of welding together something with a fervent ambition to move onto unmarked soil.



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