The Absence – Enemy Unbound – Review

Following in the footsteps of Obituary and Deicide, The Absence are yet another band that emerged from the Florida death metal scene.


What is comforting about Enemy Unbound is that it is far from an attempt of sheer imitation like countless others who simply can’t conjure a crushing sound with a unique twist.

The Absence do have the usual abhorrent death metal growls but also possess a throttling thrash sound with influences from Scandinavia too.  Melodic solos dominate the album and whilst the shredding work is spectacular, at times it can grow tiresome.

Wartorn is a good example of the Scandinavian in The Absence, featuring a thumping intro and guitars constantly working in harmonious unison like that of Children of Bodom’s self-titled track.  However, unlike them there is no intoxication of power metal, giving The Absence a rough and jagged edge.

Final track Triumph continues my confusion over hidden tracks. After seeing that the song was 12 minutes long and after hearing a fantastic intro, I thought I was in for an epic treat. Unfortunately the build-up finished after two minutes, and so began a boring eight minutes of silence. What made it worse was the fact that, when the music started again, a clever acoustic, war-like march ensued, leaving me tearing my fucking hair out saying ‘why didn’t you use that for the beginning to an actual 12 minute song?!’

Thankfully, The Absence show promising potential that, with some tender work, could blossom into something far more impressive.  They certainly have the talent for it.



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