System Divide – The Conscious Sedation – Review

Kids may not be on the cards yet, but mixing a colourful blend of styles System Divide has emerged as the lovechild of Miri Milman and Sven de Caluwe.


The couple have cooperated to create a sound with the brutality of Slipknot-esque guitar riffs, tainted with a poisonous femme fatale gothic touch.

Milman (formerly of Distorted) provides the coherent breaks from the raw death growls of de Caluwe (of Aborted), with her powerful clean vocals.  But it’s not only this variation that makes it.  (N)ether is the ultimate example of what System Divide are capable of.

The song flitters from raw speed and pulverising aggression to the slow slog of a metalcore structure with Milman’s dreamy singing alongside symphonic and electric keyboards.  For me, the result is a like putting pineapple on a pizza, which is absolutely damn fine.

Such is the heaviness of guitar and drums in The Apex Doctrine that you don’t expect a beautiful church organ to burst into an interlude with Milman’s oriental harmonising.

System Divide have attempted to merge several genres that have been done before, but don’t usually see eye to eye.  What can be admired most about this record is its ambition to do that.



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