Sonic Syndicate – We Rule The Night – Review

Sonic Syndicate are building up a lot of pace in a short time.  The Bandit Rock Awards presented them with best Swedish newcomer in 2008, and best Swedish Metal act of this year.  Their new album We Rule the Night isn’t ground-breaking, but it’s a catchy record.


Hosting a healthy mixture of screamed and clean vocals with straightforward lyrics, they have the credentials to pick up more mainstream popularity than anything.

Revolution, Baby reveals this.  With a chorus that could get anyone bobbing along and some groovy rhythms on guitar, it’s no wonder it was chosen as a single release.

Whilst the album is still considered to be metalcore, it is less break-downy than other pure metalcore acts around now.  There is more of a pop punk twinge to it.  Miles Apart shows that they have room for a lovesick acoustic song that will have teenage girls screaming in high pitched annoyance.

Not one song on the album is more than five minutes, which further confirms to me that these guys are actively targeting a popular market.  However, pick of the short tracks has to be Leave Me Alone.  Powerful screams in coherence with clean vocalisations make it a standout track that’s worth a listen.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this new release from Sonic Syndicate does lack in substance, but at the same time there are some simple but effective riffs and chorus’ that make it at least enjoyable.



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