Revolution Renaissance – Trinity – Review

After Timo Tolkki parted ways with power metal giants Stratovarius in 2008, things may have turned ugly.  But with chin up he thought, ‘just carry on.’  Revolution Renaissance was the new project at hand, but this third release marks the end of their existence after a general lack of interest from fans.


Sadly, this can be justified with a brand of bland power metal without a real edge. Typical ‘big’ choruses are prominent but rather than garnering an epic atmosphere, they just feel over-used.  The beginning half of the album is more at fault for this. World Doesn’t Get Me makes a four minute song feel like 14 minutes, and it requires patience in waiting for the album to move on.

The second half respectably picks up a little.  Dreamchild is the consolation gem of Trinity, and will take the old Stratovarius faithful back to the band’s album of 2005, although there is some more technical guitar work five years on. On the verses, the undercurrent deep bass line builds, while electric guitar softly strums (like the beginning of Just Carry On) before bursting into the best example of a hard hitting, emotional chorus on the whole album.

Trinity is a pure power metal album that doesn’t exactly reign as a classic.  For the nostalgic Stratovarius fans, this will probably offer some satisfaction. But ultimately Tolkki and his project miss the big bang and bow out in a modest puff of smoke.



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