Iron Fire – Metalmorphosized – Review

One does grow tired with samey, repetitious and overly-done power and speed metal.  Iron Fire never gained mainstream recognition in the way other powerhouses of the genre have, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shake themselves free from the mire of mediocrity – well at least to some extent.


The album marks Iron Fire’s tenth year as a recording band, with Martin Steene the sole original member left in the band.

Metalmorphosized is not an album that would lead the mutiny so to speak, but it would definitely be there, fighting the cause and handing out propaganda on the street.  It’s not a revolutionary piece, but rather something that ardently reiterates the continuation of an overall scene – speed metal.

Before even mentioning how Drowning In Blood sounds, it can’t really have a more archetypal name. Nevertheless the harmonious and exceptionally catchy chorus is inescapable.

Left For Dead starts with some nice guitar duelling, and falls into an atypical off-beat.  Although the song later gives us our required overdose of hand-beating, head-slinging rambunctiousness, it’s good that there’s a willingness to add these (albeit very small, but important) quirky touches.

Whilst the weighty 10-minute Phantom Symphony provides promising vocals and has a more symphonic sound, it still fails to pull off what Blind Guardian or Gamma Ray can do with epics of that length.

Ultimately Metalmorphosized strays over no dangerous borders and keeps within the confines and chooses to stick within them.  And there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s utilised with convincing skill and likeable charm, which is exactly what Iron Fire have done on this album.



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