Helmet – Seeing Eye Dog – Review

When bands reform after time apart there’s always a good chance the cooling-off period has seized them up.  After a dormant spell of six years, Helmet reformed in 2004 to both criticism and praise.


Seeing Eye Dog is their third album since the big reunion but this is no lucky seventh long player.

So Long tries to kick-start an album that essentially drags along with the engine wheezing in first gear up a 45 degrees hill.  Lyrically, the chorus is poor and the riffs bland.  It doesn’t have the grunting edginess of the Betty album or other oldies.

Morphing contributes to the album with a dreamy, obscure instrumental in the same vein as some long My Bloody Valentine prelude.

For the best part the more pop-orientated tunes such as La Water grate, but She’s Lost has some sections that are good.  Melvins-esque guitar always helps, but the track still seems disjointed from the half, with a long break in sound before activity suddenly begins again.  It does nothing for extra impact and instead only adds to already dumbstruck ears.

You just wonder where the New York based band are going next.  Listening to Seeing Eye Dog doesn’t induce a passionate hatred for the record but urges caution and the suggestion to haphazardly sidestep it.



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