Enslaved – Axioma Ethica Odini – Review

If you think pristine prog and black metal sound like unlikely counterparts then you have to listen to this album.  Enslaved continue to be one of the influential forces in black metal, but made the journey to more progressive tides almost 15 years ago.

The move may have divided many fans, but after listening to Axioma Ethica Odini, there’s no doubt Enslaved are producing some phenomenal stuff with their solidly integrated setup.


Vocally there’s a fine fusion of the deep guttural, the blood curdling and the melodic. Ethica Odini begins the album obscurely with some sound effects that would be more at home on a Pink Floyd record, but soon bursts into a pulsating black metal riff in coherence with those curdling screams I mentioned earlier.  All of it done with spectacular precision, giving spine tingling results.

What makes Enslaved a real listening pleasure on this album particularly is the structures and fitting riffs that they seem to dig out of nowhere when you’re least expecting it.  Giants continues on from the beautiful Hawkwind-esque interlude of Axioma, subsequently smashing into a slow thumping beat with eerie harmonies.

The Beacon has to be listened to on full volume.  Once you do so it’ll quite frankly kick the shit out of you, but like most of this album it’ll be the most intriguing beating of your life, if that makes sense.



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