Eastern Front – Blood On Snow – Review

Unlike many of the UK black metal acts, Eastern Front focus on the historical battles of WWII, as opposed to the more popular told tales of Saxony, natural beauty or Satanism.


Sporting a predominantly black metal sound with death metal tweaked vocals, their debut shows pockets of potential and some lovely melodic sections in amongst the harsh guttural growls and piercing screams.

Beginning with some mournful violin and acoustic guitar, Where The Warriors Once Fell contains some spoken words of battle (which is a little cheesy), and progresses into some impressive collaborations of rhythm and lead.

Title track Blood On Snow arrives in head over heel force after the sounds of wind and footsteps in snow are interrupted by a tank firing.  Eastern Front’s potential shines through with the infectious guitars and insanely chaotic drumming by Destruction – sadly the band have generic BM stage names and really go over the top on the corpse paint.

Regardless, this is a decent debut, and although Eastern Front don’t rank in the same division as Winterfylleth or Wodensthrone for me, they have still showed that British black metal’s still got a lot to give.


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