City Of Fire – City Of Fire – Review

Come aboard the tour bus for the City Of Fire, all the main attractions for a low fee.  Let Fear Factory members Burton C Bell and Byron Stroud take you on an extraordinary ride away from their primary project.


City Of Fire formed just two years ago when both Bell and Stroud had time away from their other active bands.  This debut record is brutally aggressive yet surprisingly melodic and fused with funky riffs.

Carve Your Name is a juicy quantity of muscle-thick structure with the trademark carnal vocals of Bell christening the debut.

Avid Fear Factory fans may have their misgivings regarding any comparisons but there’s no doubt that the vocal style of the longest serving FF member will still knock them off their feet.

Emerald lays out its lovely acoustic nature to let the album settle nicely in preparation for Hollow Land.  The track is a fantastic success, bombarding us with frenetic activity on guitar packed alongside a chaotic rhythm.  Theoretically it shouldn’t work but, despite the eclecticism, Hollow Land is a sublime driving force of harmony and power.

Immediately after the album takes us to our next destination with Dark Tides.  The track has the eerie atmospherics of Ulver’s Perdition City, with disturbing sax and violins weaving in and out.  Sit back and close your eyes: you may end up walking in an isolated metropolitan district, down a rainy sidewalk all neon lit, at 2am.

It may divide fans but the efforts of City Of Fire have impressed us with their jink away from traditional Fear Factory sound.



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