Abigail Williams – In The Absence Of Light – Review

If you have no prior knowledge of this band, you’ll think that this is a female solo artist with her troupe of merry session musicians, right?  Nope.  After plugging in your headphones, your next assumption is that this is a band from the Nordic Black Metal scene, right?  Nope.


Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Abigail Williams experimented with metalcore structures when they were first spawned.  Fortunately for purists, a lot has changed since then.

In The Absence Of Light is an album that clutches loyally to black metal roots, but varies its tempos and melodies to harbour a sound that at least allows it to be separated from generic mediocrity.

Hope The Great Betrayal begins the album with symphonic sounds that are eventually penetrated with the kind of scream that pins ears back, stands hairs on end and demands to be listened to.

Although this record doesn’t resemble metalcore in the slightest, it seems their early days have taught them the importance of variety.  In Death Comes Great Silence may encompass the menacing rapidity of a traditional black metal structure, but it also blends it with a fantastic breakdown chorus of driving guitars, backed with symphonic keyboards and the wailing of a bended guitar note.

Their symphonic features aren’t as prevalent as they are in Dimmu Borgir’s sound, but the influence is definitely there, as it is with Dani Filth in the vocals. This is a relative success and certainly a one for the black metal buffs.



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