Alexisonfire – Review

@ Newcastle o2 Academy, November 10 2010

Naming your band after a lactating contortionist porn star may seem a little odd but with Alexisonfire it makes perfect sense.

It gets heads turning, immediately stirs a fuss (even from Alexis Fire herself, who tried to sue) and represents the kinetic bomb of post-hardcore rambunctiousness that epitomises the band.  But when it comes to the big stage, do Alexisonfire really live up to their name?

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Joe Satriani – Review

@ Newcastle City Hall, October 21 2010

Let the guitar do the talking is Joe Satriani’s ideology, and even if his guitar were a gossiping fishwife with a serious case of verbal diarrhoea, I think we’d still listen for hours. Sporting his trademark shades and enough guitars to collectively break the sound barrier, Satriani and his professional crew showed that they are firmly able to deliver both quantity and quality, with a lengthy and fearsome performance at Newcastle City Hall.

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Marionette – Review

@ Newcastle Hyem, October 14 2010

They may be unfamiliar faces in the UK, but that doesn’t stop these eager Swedes from dissecting themselves down to the very bone and letting everyone watch for fun.

So are they simply just another over-zealous Scandinavian death metal band?  Well no, not quite.  Marionette not only hold the kind of energy that could give two tectonic plates a run for their money, but they also have the fierce yet sophisticated sound to match.

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Fozzy – Review

@ Middlesbrough Empire, October 12 2010

In the minds of many, his name will trigger overbearing connotations of professional wrestling. But it’s not only the ring which showcases the vivacious showmanship of Chris Jericho.

Fozzy was founded when Rich Ward and Chris Irvine (Jericho) started the project for ‘fun’ more than a decade ago.  With all the signs of enjoyment still there, the US band showed a Middlesbrough crowd that they have developed into something a little more serious.

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Mudhoney – Review

@ Newcastle Northumbria University, October 4 2010

Surviving as one of the initial bands to come straight from the grimy depths of the Seattle grunge scene, Mudhoney have had a modest cult following for the best part of their existence.

While the buzz of the late 80s and early 90s have passed by, those who say grunge died with Nirvana may be mistaken, especially if Mudhoney have anything to say about it.

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Marseille – Review

@ Newcastle Hyem, September 30 2010

Naming an album Unfinished Business and touring it after 20 years of inactivity was always going to ring alarm bells.  Marseille may have called it quits back in 1984 but here they stand in 2010.

What better place to see their major comeback than on the stage, in the flesh? But had the phoenix really risen from the ashes or should the urn have been kept tight shut? Sadly, the latter is probably the answer.

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Oceansize – Review

@ Newcastle o2 Academy, September 18 2010

Every band needs a time-out to let off steam and allow their creative cogs to function but coming back to the intensity of live performances isn’t easy.  After more than half a year out, Oceansize met a hungry Newcastle crowd to crown their return to the stage in style.

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